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Design and Development


We have more than twenty years of experience in the field of type-approval and development of vehicles and components.

We offer a complete service for the global and national approval of vehicles and their systems and devices.

For our customers, who come from all over the world, we obtain every type of approval, from the moped to the industrial vehicle, device or system, applying all the regulations in their various updates, we have experience in the approval of electric vehicles and their components.

We support operations related to accreditation and management of approval throughout the world.

We evaluate the actual needs of the customer, which will not be "a number".
Constant updating, competence and confidentiality are the values on which we base our business.


The type-approval is the procedure that allows a prototype to become a mass-produced vehicle that can circulate on public roads, or a device to be installed in compliance with the regulations.
We provide manufacturers with total support for EU and UN/ECE type-approval, taking care of all the operational details necessary to complete the process in the best way. The same service is available for national approval of systems and vehicles.

We are independent in all the activities necessary for every type of approval, from bureaucratic formalities to laboratory tests or road and track tests, up to obtaining the type-approval, without the need for intervention by the customer.
The type-approvals obtained are recognized and accepted throughout Europe and in all non-European states that recognize the European Directive and Regulations or UN/ECE and Regulations.