Our internal laboratory has instruments and machinery for the following tests:

REESS (traction batteries for electric/hybrid vehicles) according to UN / ECE Regulation 100 Rev 02, for tests of:

  • o mechanical impact
  • o Mechanical integrity
  • o Fire resistance
  • o Excessive temperatures
  • o Overload
  • o Short circuits
  • o Vibration (external)
  • o Thermal shock (external)o Exhaust silencer conditioning


BATTERIES for ADR transport 38.3

  • o T1: Altitude simulation
  • o T2: Thermal test
  • o T3: Vibration
  • o T4: Shock
  • o T5: External short circuit
  • o T6: Impact/Crush
  • o T7: Overcharge
  • o T8: Forced discharge


Furthermore, we have

  • o 2 climatic chambers for conditioning and thermal tests on fuel tanks, REESS, plastic containers, etc.
  • o Engine test room, for petrol and electric
  • o Roller bench for power tests and simulations
  • o Tank pressure
  • o The electrical safety of vehicles and vehicles according to the regulation UN/ECE 100 rev 02
  • o Autonomy and electric consumption of electric vehicles
  • o Endothermic engine consumption


Different measuring instruments, data acquisition systems, GPS, sound level meters, accelerometers, load cells, analyzers, precision balances, weighing platforms, and many others, for tests relating to:

  • o Sound level
  • o Braking (even vehicles with ABS)
  • o Vehicle behavior
  • o Checking instruments
  • o Parking devices
  • o Device installation
  • o Device duration
  • o Masses
  • o Dimensions
  • o External projections
  • o Viewing angles
  • o Low-temperature tests on complete petrol and electric vehicles
  • o Interior finishes
  • o Defrosting
  • o Demisting


Many of our test equipment has been built internally, complying with the test procedures required by the various Regulations.

All our measuring instruments are regularly checked and calibrated by recognized and accredited bodies.

We have trained personnel in firefighting.

Our machining department performs many processes, such as welding, plasma cutting, turning, etc.