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The obligations of the manufacturers established by the standards are increasingly stringent and complex, so we also offer support for these aspects of approval, and we provide a service for:
Pre-approval tests

The preventive tests have the purpose, if it is advisable, to verify the actual performance of the product (vehicle or component) in relation to the standard of homologation of reference, before embarking on the homologation process. They are especially recommended for companies that are entering approval for the first time.

Duration tests

Duration tests are mandatory for the approval of different vehicles and devices, we are able to carry them out independently.

Conformity tests

Production conformity is fundamental and the manufacturer's responsibility for type-approved products. For this reason, we support you in carrying out the periodic tests for the verification of the conformity, in addition to the post-production checks if verification is needed on what is delivered to the distributed network, or a recall campaign.